Vugo Driver Profile: Meet Kyle

The first thing you notice about Kyle is not his catchy smile or properly coiffed hair. It’s his ability to quickly and easily make you feel comfortable. This “free-to-be-at-ease” style shines through in Kyle’s friendly banter and his calm driving skills. Kyle believes it is these qualities that have led him to earn—and maintain—such a high Uber rating. (He currently holds a spot in the top 5% of the highest-rated Uber drivers in Minneapolis.)

Delivery Driver Turned Private Ridesharing Driver

Kyle, who is just north of 30, has been driving professionally since he was 18. He’s driven for pizza restaurants in Stillwater a tourist town in Minnesota, was a well-respected DHL driver, offered valet services at a swanky restaurant downtown and even built a name for himself driving delivery for Mulberry’s, a dry cleaning service in the Twin Cities.

Kyle ran across an article for Uber. He became excited about the prospect of turning his car into a business—and in a way that turned all of his past professional experiences into an enterprise all his own. He started driving for Uber part-time, and quickly started making more money for Uber than he was making working with a print shop. So he joined Uber full-time, and hasn’t looked back since.

That Same EntrepreneurialSpirit Led Kyle to Vugo

Kyle has a knack for seeing the great potential in new opportunities. And great potential is just what he saw when he found Vugo earlier this year. So Kyle reached out to James Bellefeuille, a founder of Vugo to learn more. He wanted to get in at the ground level, to see how the start-up could help him improve his own business. And that’s just what Vugo has been doing since.

Vugo: The Potential for Increased Earnings

Kyle is quick to admit that the most exciting aspect of Vugo is its potential to increase his income.

First and foremost, Vugo has already been paying out in the form of tips. “There is this misconception that Uber tips their drivers which discourages passengers to tip,” says Kyle.With Vugo, it eliminates that confusion with passengers, so if they want to tip, they can.” even if they don’t have cash via Vugo’s tipping option using Paypal.

Moreover, Kyle is eager to see how the paid ads will startaffecting his bottom line. Now that Vugo has institutedits paid campaigns, drivers will start seeing ad income. Kyle can’t wait to get paid 60% of all advertising revenue tied to each ad that hisrideshare passengers interact with in November and beyond.

Vugo Driver Ratings – Does Rideshare Advertising affect ratings?

One of Vugo’s goals is to improve the overall driver experience. It doesn’t want to produce an opportunity that, in the end, harms drivers due to unhappycustomers. Thankfully, Kyle’s own experiences are showing that Vugo has nothing to worry about—and neither do other drivers.

Kyle’s ratings have not significantly changed since he started using Vugo, he has a solid 4.85 over hundreds of Vugo enabled trips. And many passengers have taken the opportunity to tip, because of the conversations that start over the Vugo tablet. Overall, this has been a successful venture that Kyle is eager to keep participating: “As long as my customer service remains high, I see no reason why having Vugo in my car will be anything but an added bonus for my passengers and my bottom line.”

Want to Meet Kyle? Pull Up Your Uber App!

Take a ride with Kyle—you won’t regret it. Your best chances of catching him on an Uber drive would be in the early morning. He tends to be on the road by 5 a.m. You increase your odds if you’re either traveling to or from the airport. And be sure to ask him about his recent encounter with some famous passengers.

Photo credit: Brock Kendzora

Rideshare Passenger Demographics (INFOGRAPHIC)

Uber Passengers: Who They Are & Where They Travel

James Bellefeuille, a former Uber driver and advertising professional founded Vugo – Rideshare advertising on the premise that advertisers can influence a passenger’s buying decisions while en route to a point of sale destination. That is… if they had the right data. For some time, ridesharing companies like Uber, Lyft and others in the on-demand transportation industry have made broad statements about who they believe is choosing to travel via app. Now, thanks to a comprehensive ridesharing working paper from the University of California Transportation Center and Vugo’s own internal data, we now we have research-based demographics on passengers of Uber and Lyft that allows us to better understand rideshare passengers; who they are, where they are most likely to travel and what purchasing decisions they are making after exiting a ridesharing vehicle. 

Meet the Typical Lyft / Uber Passenger

According to our sources, the typical rideshare passenger is:

  • Young (25-34).While riders’ ages span from 15 to 55 and up, approximately 57% of all rideshare passengers fall in the 25-34 category.And riders aged 45 and greater only make up 7% of the total rideshare passengers. This results in ridesharing skewing heavily toward a younger audience.
  • Male.Male riders make up 60% of the rideshare passenger population.
  • Educated.More than 80% of all ridesharing passengers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Affluent.At least 56% of all rideshare passengersreported a household income of $71,000 or higher, with nearly 40% of all passengers making at least $100,000.

Top 10 Most Common Rideshare Trips

Vugo’s ownpassenger trip datahas allowed us to identify the most common trips that passenger’s make when ridesharing.According to rideshare vehiclesthat use a Vugo’s TripIntent technology, these are the top 10 destinations for riders: The top 10 specific addresses for rideshare trip destinations are all airports according to, considering that airports like LAX, La Gaurdia and O’Hare have started to allow Uber and Lyft vehicles to be picked up at the airport the number of trips to and from airport destinations are only going to grow.


1. Home (residential addresses)
2. Workplaces
3. Tourist Destinations
4. Restaurant & Food
5. Bars
6. Airports
7. Retail Stores
8. Fitness Clubs
9. Doctor’s Office & Hospitals
10. Bus & Transit Stations
11. Hotels
12. Sporting & Entertainment Events at Stadiums
13. Night Clubs
14. Grocery Stores
15. Shopping Centers
16. Bakeries
17. Colleges and Universities
18. Coffee Shops and Cafes
19. Department Stores
20. Pharmacies

Stadium-Based Events Draw a Lot of Attention

Viking’s Stadium under construction near the Vugo offices in Minneapolis, MN

Ridesharing attracts a lot of attention from riders seeking to attend Football Games, and other entertainment events that occur in stadium settings. These events are time-sensitive and often cause a steep uptick in rideshare vehicle usage and surge pricing. It’s a great opportunity for brands to support their local team without having to work with Stadium or team marketing to become a part of the event during the captive ride to and from special events including Super Bowl Sunday – no matter if you’re at the game in San Francisco or if you’re going to a friends house for a party or going to a Sports Bar to watch the game advertising to Football fans on their trip to and from the game is valuable and will be memorable.

How Advertisers Can Use TripIntent Information?

These demographics provide great insight for manypartiesin the ridesharing industry:

  • Agencies:Can now deliver targeted and measurable ads for their clients in a digital outdoor environment while tracking passenger engagement and return on investment.
  • Small Businesses:Can participate in local outdoor advertising through Vugo’s Self-Service Ad Portal and target local customers with offers and information. Vugo also offers a great way to help B2B advertisers through targeting industry events at convention centers and conferences.
  • Brands:brands have been seeking a way to advertise in Uber and Lyft vehicles for a long time, and with Vugo’s TripIntent technology they are no longer taking a shot in the dark. They have data and analytics to design campaigns to reach their target audience.

Creative Campaigns using TripIntent Targeting:

Perhaps most interesting aboutthe data provided here isthat it can helpbusinesses and advertisersdetermine if they areideal candidates for rideshare advertising.For instance;

  • If you have a target market that overlaps with passengers of services like Uber you can advertise to attendees of an upcoming Football game.
  • A retailer inside a shopping center can compete for a greater share of each visitors wallet by influencing where that shopper goes once they arrive at the shopping center via awareness advertising and promo codes.
  • If you’re a beer brand you can influence the brand of beer passengers will ask for once they reach their destination.
  • If you’re a consumer products goods brand, you can influence passenger to purchase your brand of products through innovative and creative marketing targeted towards passengers going to specific retailers that sell your items.
  • If you’re a pharmaceutical brand you can advertise to those using uber or lyft to travel to and from treatment at doctors offices.
  • If you’re a B2B company you can specifically target advertisers while they attend exhibitions, tradeshows and events in your industry hosted at specific addresses.
  • If you’re a food products manufacturer you can influence passengers decisions related around dinner, by suggesting they receive a recipe / ingredients list when they are on their way to the grocery store to pick up dinner that evening.

You should absolutely consider the benefits to reaching your key audience through the Vugo platform. With our TripIntent Technology, you know your ad will only appear when your target audience is in the car. Our TripIntent algorithm may prove to be a priceless for your return on investment and bottom line.

Rideshare Advertising is For Everyone

Passengers of ridesharing trips are often younger, more affluent and have an overall higher disposable income making this target audience highly valuable for advertisers that are seeking to reach their target market. These passengers are also are comfortable making mobile commerce purchases which are ideal for applications seeking additional users. Advertisers can all benefit by getting to know this audience better, thereby better focusing efforts in capturing passenger interactions, contact information, mailing lists, or distributing promo codes for future purchases. The possibilities of advertising in Uber and Lyft vehicles using Vugo’s TripIntent technology are only limited by your imagination as a brand manager / media planner. Go Vugo!

Uber Driver Strike Information

Over the past few months, Uber has increased it commission fees against Uber drivers. The commission fee is now 25%, up from 20% previously. Drivers across the country are feeling the blow to their pocketbooks from this increase following a series of price drops across the nation which benefit passengers but have caused the quality of drivers to drop as more and more drivers find the proposition for driving for Uber to be less than profitable.

Uber’s recent commission increase is just one of a spade of price-related issues that Uber has dealt its drivers. From seasonal rate decreases to general price decreases, and most of all not allowing their passengers to make their own decisions regarding tips which results in Uber drivers seeing less money coming in. For drivers who depend on ridesharing for their livelihood, these cuts can lead to earning less than minimum wage in many cases.

The Uber Freedom / #UberStrike Movement

Uber drivers around the country are clamoring for better pay and overall treatment from Uber. One former driver is taking it even further. Abe Husein, a former Uber driver, has chosen to rally a strike against Uber via his Facebook page called “Uber Freedom“. He has started a Facebook page to raise awareness of the strike and has implemented a GoFundMe campaign to market the strike.

Mr. Husein’s goals are four-fold:

When is the Strike?

The strike is to take place across the U.S., running from October 16 to October 18.

What happens if the strike is successful?

If the strike is successful, Uber drivers may see an uptick in income. But many commentators and drivers do not believe that a strike is the right way to go. For one thing, Uber drivers are independent contractors. They are not employees, and are not unionized, so calling this a “strike” is off-base. Many drivers like Uber Man are actively opposed to the Strike and are holding a competing event called Uber Appreciation Weekend. Lastly, Uber may not feel the blunt of this strike if organizers are unable to get a large number of drivers to participate which means the strike itself may embolden the company to seize even a larger percentage of earnings from trips.

Vugo’s Take: Maximize Income, Maintain Fierce Independence.

Vugo’s mission has always been to help drivers maximize their income. Thus Uber not allowing passengers to make their own decisions when it comes to tipping is a much needed feature that we feel strongly about. Especially as a tech company founded by an Uber driver, this is something we thoroughly understand and believe Uber should make available ASAP.

However we want to highlight the nature of the Ride-sharing economy and the relationship between Uber and it’s drivers. Drivers are independent and should remain so, drivers should also maintain their independence from any union or attempt at mandatory organization. Instead, we believe that drivers should vote with their feet and improve their situation through working for different ridesharing companies and innovative means like installing a Vugo tablet to accept tips and earn advertising income.

Most importantly, although we agree with some of Abe’s issues. We believe that the independence of ridesharing drivers is severly important to the success of the on-demand transportation industry as a whole. However, because we believe in independence so fiercely, we also respect drivers to make their own decisions to participate or not participate in this weekends events. Just as we believe passengers should be able to make their own decisions regarding tipping their drivers electronically via the Uber application. Most importantly respect your passengers and your fellow drivers this weekend as you should every weekend.

Ways to Improve Your Earnings via Ridesharing

So what can you as a driver do to make more money or keep more of the money you’re already earning?

  • Drive smarter. Numerous rideshare driver resources on the Web show clearly that there are better times to drive. Drive at those times, and your income will grow. We recommend using an application like SherpaShare or Hurdlr to improve your driving performance through tracking expenses and income via analytics.
  • Drive for another ridesharing company. Uber isn’t the only option out there. Companies such as Lyft are growing and gaining momentum and respect passenger decisions when it comes to typing. According to our best data approximately 1 in 4 Lyft passengers tips their drivers. I try to request a Lyft vehicle when available because I believe in tipping and will use a company that respects it’s passengers decisions over a company that believes I am unqualified to make decisions when it comes to rewarding a rideshare driver for superior service.
  • Get political. Harry G. Campbell, known as The Rideshare Guy, recommends contacting your legislators and presidential candidates to have your voice heard. Ridesharing is a hot topic. Help lawmakers and regulators understand what you are going through now, before they determine their stances. Source.
  • Use Vugo! Vugo offers you the ability to increase your income. Through the free Vugo app, you can accept tips (which the Uber app does not do) and earn advertising income. The most important thing to remember is that you can control a large part of your ridesharing income. Learn about your options and then pursue those that make the most sense for you.

No matter what your decision as an independent driver; please be respectful of drivers who are uninformed of the strike or those that hold the opposite opinion and are actively supporting Uber. We are all in this together, and violence is never the answer.

Let’s work together to make ridesharing a great way to earn additional income and a safe way to transport passengers while maximizing our own income. Go Vugo!

Ridesharing in Las Vegas means big bucks for Drivers that partner with Vugo

On Monday September 14th, the State of Nevada gave Uber and Lyft the green light to start operating again. This comes after a months-long battlethat first started last November, when a judge halted ridesharing operations. But Monday’s approval led the way forTuesday’s first ridesfor both ridesharing companies.

RidersAre Ready

Vegas is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country. Just last year, more than 41 million tourists visited Sin City. That’s an average of 3.5 million visitors each month, or nearly 800,000 each week. And with a weak transportation system in the city, ridesharing offers these visitors an easier way to get around.This is of particular importance due to the fact that 88% of visitors aren’t renting cars.

Visitors aren’t the only ones ready for ride-hailing, either. Locals—who tend to shy away from Vegas cabbies—have also expressed their interest using UberX and Lyft.

Clark County Isn’t

While the rider population may be excited about the options that ridesharing provides,Clark County is not pleasedthat Lyft and Uber have already started to operate. Clark County officials are still working on creating county-issued business licenses specifically for the ridesharing industry. Those officials wanted Lyft and Uber to hold off on accepting riders until those licenses were ready. Neither company did so.

Vugo + Vegas = A Match Made in Heaven for Rideshare Drivers

Many visitors to Las Vegas may have some ideas of what they want to see while they’re there—but may also be looking for recommendations on what to see and what to do next. Enter Vugo—a platform that offers targeted ads based on where riders are going.

Additionally, Vugo offers the ability for riders to tip—something the Uber app does not do. And everyone going to Vegas is there for a good time.So if youdo right by them, they’ll do right by you. Why not make sure they have the opportunity to do so? Justdownload the appto get started!

Sources:Vegas FAQs, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority;Las Vegas Visitor Profile,Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Rideshare Drivers, Start Accepting Tips

Income and tipping have been sources of great conversation in the rideshare community as of late, and for good reason. Uber continues to lower its costs, whichpushes drivers to workmore for less money.

As a driver, you know that there is no guarantee to how much you will make on any given day.This is only compounded by the fact that thepromotedincomes offered by Uber are misleadingat best.And you know there’s nothing you can do right now to get Uber to change its ways.

But there is something you can do to supplement your income.Startaccepting tips.

The Great Tip Debate

Some rideshare companies believe there is no need to tip.The rationale? Drivers are paid at arate that is higher than minimum wage, so the necessity for tipping doesn’t exist.

And,according to at least one Uber employee, tipping makes riders uncomfortable.Moreover, rideshare driving is not like a cab service, where tipping is expected.

These arguments seem to miss the fact that driving for a ridesharing company is providing a service. And individuals in the service industry, regardless of company, receive tips when they do a good job. This is true for servers, bartenders,baristasand more. Patrons pay for the service or product, such as a meal or a drink. And, if they received good or great service, patrons will add a tip to show their appreciation.

Rideshare driving should be no different. Drivers, you are offering a service! And if you do it well, a tip should be welcomed and appreciated.

How to Start Accepting Tips

Stop driving for Uber.Why?Uberblatantly states that there is “no need to tip.” Most Uberridersknow this, and won’t even mention tipping when riding with you.Nothing will change here until Uber changes its policy.

Switch to Lyft.If you live and drive a major city, it is likely that Uber isn’t your only rideshare company to drive for. Switch to one such as Lyft.Lyftmakes it easy for riders to tip—the tipping feature is built right in to the pay screen.

Try Vugo.If Lyft isn’t available in your city, or you want to keep your options open by driving for more than one company, look to Vugo. All you have to do isdownload our appto both your smartphone and your tablet. From there, just mount your tablet in your car to start accepting tips and displaying ads.Added bonus—you also get 60% of the revenue from ad impressions, which nicely supplements your per-hour wage.

Is driving for Uber worth it?

If you’re finding yourself on this page, you’re either thinking of becoming a rideshare driver with Uber or Lyft, or you already have been driving for a TNC company and are having doubts if it’s worth it in the first place. As anyone that hasn’t been living under a rock the past 5 years knows, Uber (and Lyft to a lesser extent) is becoming a popular way for people to make extra money, a side gig that nearly anyone in the US has the skills to do.

When someone signs up as a driver, they nearly immediately become able to start picking up and dropping off passengers. Drivers are sent notifications of people who need rides during the hours they are available to drive, and they make their money through cashless transactions via the mobile app (No tips via the Uber app).

Uber has promoted that their drivers make a decent amount of extra income, however they are often quoting the gross fare amounts instead of the driver’s take home pay after Uber’s cut, taxes, insurance, gas, depreciation and more. Drivers using the Lyft application typically make more per trip, but have an overall lower number of trips – luckily Lyft offer’s a way for it’s passengers to tip drivers electronically via the app. But is driving for Uber worth it for the average driver who only does it as a side gig? Here are the details of what it’s really like to drive for Uber.

How much does an Uber Driver make?

According to City Paper of Philadelphia, the typical Uber driver makes $11.12 an hour after expenses, but before taxes. Which would be the most comparable income to an hourly wage.

“So, leaving December and its possible statistical outlier status aside, Uber’s March numbers work out to about $11.12 an hour for the driver after expenses and before taxes. That’s much better than my $9.34 an hour, but not too far from the two veteran drivers’ $10.53 an hour.”             

Can I make $5,000 a month with Uber?

First of all, Uber has been using misleading advertising to attract new drivers, stating how much money drivers can make while working on their own schedule. At the same time, the company has been lowering the rates it charges to people who use it to get rides, making the company practically unprofitable and bringing the actual earnings of most drivers down to below minimum wage. While the average Uber driver makes around $12 an hour, plenty make a lot less, and most of the drivers are part-time drivers who may only earn enough to pay for the gas money they need to provide rides to Uber customers. The short answer, it isn’t likely that you will meet all the requirements and/or drive enough hours to make $5,000 a month. At the average of $11.12 an hour reported by Uber, driver’s would need to drive nearly 450 hours a month to make $5,000 gross after expenses, but before taxes – Over 100 hours a week, and over 14 hours a day 7 days a week.

A large portion of money cab drivers, and even Lyft drivers make comes from tips, however Uber does not let its drivers accept tips through electronic means, such as credit cards or PayPal, which is the way most rideshare riders prefer to pay for things. Many riders do not carry cash at all, so the ban on taking tips electronically keeps many Uber drivers from reaching their full income potential. It is one of the #1 problems that Harry Campbell, author of takes issue with.

Is tipping Included with Uber?

Even worse is the fact that Uber misleads its riders into believing the tip to the driver is included with the ride or that tipping is not required.

How can drivers make Ridesharing worth it?

Smart drivers are already finding other ways to supplement their incomes, from selling jewelery, delivering packages, and driving for multiple platforms. One of the easiest ways for drivers to start earning additional income is by partnering with Vugo rideshare advertising. Drivers use a tablet device and their own phone to download the Vugo application via the Google Play or Appstore. Drivers will then make 60% of the advertising revenue displayed on the tablet. Although, Vugo is just getting started the potential for making additional income during special events like Football Games, business conventions and more is a no-brainer.


In fact, using the Vugo Rideshare application can increase the earnings of Uber drivers by up to $6,000 a year by matching relevant ads to valuable riders using their patent-pending TripIntent technology.

Maximize your earnings with Vugo + Drive.

In the end, after you have crunched the numbers, driving for Uber alone might not actually be worth it for a lot of people. However, when you couple that earning with Vugo it becomes more likely. There is only one way to find out if driving for Uber is worth it for you. Try it. It is highly unlikely someone will make a full-time income that is enough to support a household driving for Uber alone, but the extra money may help pay a few bills and it is the perfect side gig. On the otherhand if driving is your full-time job, you can make it much more profitable by partnering with Vugo to earn more for work you are already doing.

There are a lot of hidden costs that come with driving for Uber that the company doesn’t discuss openly when they promote their gross fare numbers. You really only discover these when you start driving.

  • Depreciation of your vehicle.
  • Maintenance costs skyrocket due to use.
  • Insurance costs increase if you’re adequately covered with Rideshare Insurance.
  • Cost of Gas (We really recommend driving a hybrid).
  • Taxes (Can be around 20% of your gross earnings).
  • Cleaning your vehicle regularly with car washes.
  • Candy, Water, and other goodies.

When you take these things into consideration, those Uber ads that tell you that you can make $30 an hour or more in fares driving for Uber become clearly misleading.

With that said, when I drived for Uber it was worth it for me. I drove smart. I focused on gaurantees, holidays, and other times when I knew I could make $20-$25 an hour.

Drive for Uber if you need the extra income, but do it the smart way. Use the Vugo Rideshare application to increase your Uber earnings, in addition to taking advantage of other ways to drive smart. Drive on holidays, during surge, etc. Drive a Hybrid vehicle, and find a mechanic’s shop that gives Uber driver’s a discount. When you are driving with Uber, any additional money you can add to your earnings really counts and may make being an Uber driver a more profitable proposition. So, go give it a try, and try Vugo while you’re at it and see how much more it will increase your income. You may be pleasantly surprised at the increase in your personal profitability and it might make driving for Uber worth it for you.

Summer Of Success – 5% Advertiser Referral Program

#SummerofSuccess – $50 for each new advertiser referred.

Last month’s Month of May, Month of Pay; driver referral program was a HUGE success. We had over hundreds new drivers referred by some really busy ad partners (We know who you are, expect an email detailing your referrals ASAP). Sadly, it has come to an end. Because we know that rideshare drivers love to hustle, instead of offering a lame cash for driver referrals option. We decided to do something a little different.

We believe our ad partners (drivers) are the best advocates for rideshare advertising via Vugo (Previously known as Viewswagen). We ask that you talk to your passengers about us, introduce them to rideshare advertising.  The Summer of Success Advertiser Referral program is just for drivers. How much you can make is limitless.

If you discuss rideshare advertising with one of your passengers, and that passenger uses your code to start a campaign advertising in rideshare vehicles, you will receive $50, and the advertiser will save $50 on their first campaign.


We are no longer giving out rewards for the driver referrals at this time, but new drivers can expect to receive their custom referral codes immediately through the application. The Summer of Success program for recruiting advertisers will not last forever and it may be the only time you will be able to earn receive a commission from selling advertising services to your passengers. So take full advantage of this proven, limited time opportunity!

Advertisers can go to start their campaigns, we will close the promotional referral program at 11:59 CST on August 31st, 2015.  Refer as many passengers and advertisers as possible until then to make the Summer a Success!



  1. Download the application via the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign up and get a brand new referral code. (Month of May, Month of Pay participants will get an email detailing their offer)
  3. Talk to passengers and others about the effectiveness of rideshare advertising via Vugo.
  4. Share your code with interested passengers and others.
  5. We will pay you $50 for any advertisers that sign up using your referral code. That have not signed up before.
  6. The more advertisers you refer, the more money you make!
  7. The referred advertiser gets a $50 credit in their account.


    1. Vugo reserves the right to suspend your account and/or revoke any referral at any time we feel they were earned inappropriately.
    2. Vugo reserves the right to verify and adjudge the validity of the sign-ups generated via the above referrals.
    3. The additional $50 payment for the referred advertiser will be only one time, there will be no residuals for future campaigns.
    4. All potential Advertisers must be referred by 11:59 PM on August 31st to be counted as a submitted referral for the Summer of Success Program.

Results of Month of May, Month of Pay Driver Referral Program

We now have had 243 new ad partners referred by 77 active ad partners.

Our Top 3 Ad Partners based on referrals.

  1. Harry Campbell – Better known as The Rideshare Guy at 75 Referrals
  2.  F9KRU – 16 Referrals
  3. 2M4ED – 10 Referrals

The entire list of successful referrals can be found below. Thank you for participating, you will see these as a line item in your monthly invoice in the future.

RSG 75
F9KRU 16
2m4ed 10
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lpukn 3
UEG74 3
24C62 2
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C4krq 2
Rf3ej 2
 K87TQ 1
2UP47 1
37t87 1
3M34H 1
3NL8C 1
4N4HU 1
6Q4FP 1
6UC7R 1
6V6C6 1
77a4k 1
7FL6N 1
9hblt 1
9i5nw 1
Cftn3 1
D3L82 1
E8C8F 1
ebi75 1
F82EB 1
FUG38 1
G9U9E 1
Lxmy6 1
N4mcm 1
OJH48 1
pqtpt 1
RH4J3 1
Vfwpt 1
VN3E3 1
wq1vv 1

Month of May, Month of Pay – 5% Forever Referral Program


(Vugo was previously known as Viewswagen prior to July 1st, 2015)

May is almost half way over. At the end of the month, Vugo’s 5% referral program will come to an end and be replaced with one of the standard cash for referrals program that is far too common in the ridesharing industry.  So we strongly recommend that you get in now to take advantage of this seriously limited time offer.

When you register with Vugo, you will receive your promo code within 24 hours. This code will allow you to make 5% of any CPM based advertising revenue from drivers that signup with your referral code as long as you both are on the system. Make the month of May count! 

Additionally Vugo is promoting the #TipYourDriver by sharing via social media you will be able to help spread the word that rideshare drivers should be tipped as independent service contractors. The month of May, Month of Pay promotion will not last for ever and it will be the only time you will be able to earn continues income from a referral as long as both yourself and your referral are active on the Vugo rideshare advertising platform.

Vugo is launching in the Appstore and Google Play store on June 1st, 2015, we will close the promotional referral program at 11:59 CST on May 31st, 2015.  Refer as many fellow drivers as possible until then to make #MonthOfMayMonthofPay count!



  1. Sign up to become a Vugo Ad Partner here.
  2. Wait 24 hours to receive your custom referral code.
  3. Refer friends with your invite code.
  4. Friends and referrals enter your code, we track all of this and will give your credit.
  5. On June 1st, we will release our application for download via the Appstore and Google Play
  6. The more friends you refer, the more you make!
  7. The referred driver makes the same amount as everyone else, Vugo adds 5% from our share of CPM advertising revenue to pay for the referral fee.

We recommend sharing the following message on social media:

I’m a driver. I’m partnering with an to earn extra $ Use Invitation Code XXXXX to join @GO_VUGO. –  (Obviously replace the Xs with your personal promo code.)


    1. Vugo reserves the right to suspend your account and/or revoke any referral at any time we feel they were earned inappropriately.
    2. Vugo reserves the right to verify and adjudge the validity of the sign-ups generated via the above referrals.
    3. The additional 5% revenue program from the referred driver’s advertising revenue will remain valid until one or both parties become inactive on the Vugo application.
    4. All potential Ad Partners must be referred by 11:59 PM on May 31st to be counted as a submitted referral for the 5% revenue program

Why is Vugo, an effective Automotive Marketing channel?

Rideshare advertising is a better fit for some advertisers than for others. Automotive marketing with Vugo is an ideal medium to add to the mix for auto brands. Although not all car brands will benefit equally. I should know, I drove for Uber.


I drive a 2008 Toyota Prius touring edition. This means that I have all of the bells and whistles of a luxury automobile, with the fuel economy that still amazes people. I love my Prius, I am able to drive from Chicago to Minneapolis with a single tank of gas, if I stop it’s only to use the restroom, because for around $20 I can keep my trip time at around 5.5 hours. (Those gas station breaks add up). Which means I am getting around 500 miles to a 11.9 gallon tank.

Cargo Room

What always amazes my passengers is that I have so much leg and headroom. I am 6’7″ ft tall, and weigh around 275 lbs. I am not a small man, but in my Prius you would never know it. Once I had 4 other guys my size get into my Prius on a pickup. They were very large men and were concerned if my Prius could handle all of them. I told them that I had never had an issue before, and that it has always served me well. The person sitting in the front passenger seat had never ridden in a Prius before. He typically drove a large suburban or truck. He was surprised at the leg room and more importantly the trip information display, that I was getting 43 miles a gallon in the City of Chicago.

Fuel Efficiency

Most of all, as an Uber driver the single most discussed item regarding my car is how I must save so much money because I drive a Toyota Prius. Passengers are often glad to find out that I do get such great gas mileage. However, I also think for many that have never ridden in a Prius before, the word of mouth recommendation that I give to them gives them a lot more confidence in buying a Hybrid vehicle. I know I love my hybrid, and hopefully my passengers do too.

Passionate Professional Driver Recommendations +Test Drives.

Vugo asks all of our partners what make, model, and year of vehicle they use for driving with Uber or Lyft. Passengers who are taking an Uber or Lyft vehicle are less likely to own a personal vehicle. They are also more likely to have positive regard during a rideshare trip due to rideshare usage peaking during holidays and social activities. Lastly, a ride in an Uber or Lyft vehicle often introduces tourists and other drivers to “test drive” a brand of vehicle they may typically not consider due to previous unsubstantiated beliefs. For example the passenger that was amazed by my Prius trip information, and the fact that my large frame would drive hundreds of miles a month in the efficient vehicle, said that he would consider getting one for commuting or driving for Uber himself. However, the most powerful part is the passionate recommendations of a professional driver recommending your vehicle to hundreds of passengers a week through real conversations stimulated by advertising.

Uber suggests the following vehicles, as Uber vehicles.

  • CHRYSLER 300