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Rideshare advertising and Passenger entertainment is a huge opportunity as people are becoming passengers more than ever before. VUGO empowers the passenger entertainment experience and helps fleets improve their transportation experience in rideshare vehicles today, and self-driving cars tomorrow. We do this by allowed content owners and advertisers to reach passengers contextually.

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Discover what the new passenger experience looks like with VUGO

People are becoming passengers more than ever before. VUGO helps them improve their transportation experience.

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Passenger Entertainment Experience



Quality Analytics

Leading analytics and campaign management for our of home campaigns.

Robust Targeting

Advanced targeting capabilities make sure your brand reaches the right audience at the right
time and the right place.

Mobile App Installs

Nearly 1 in 4 people are willing to install a mobile application after seeing an out-of-home
advertisement, Vugo is able to push installs via text or URL, and track attribution.

Customized Campaigns

Our platform is designed to be customized by our clients. Join us today and start reaching passengers inside rideshare vehicles.

We have helped multiple brands reach their audience

In car media is a growing channel for most brands, there is only so much you can do with online advertising and marketing, when you’re looking for that edge reach people in real life.

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What are people saying?

  • Having a captive, confined audience really also opens up a lot of possibilities for in-car video... by using location and user data.
    EVP of Fluent
  • "That ability to engage one-on-one with customers in physical space has added an incredibly exciting new dimension to OOH"
    Associate Partner at Control Group
  • I think Vugo could be a game-changer for drivers. For what seems like years now, drivers have been clamoring for a tip function and on the hunt for ways to increase their income outside of Uber. Vugo helps them do both with their new tipping feature and their advertiser platform should earn drivers a sizable extra income from the ads displayed on their tablet.
    The Rideshare Guy
  • I’ve seen a demo and Vugo has some visionary stuff. Think of them as the good guy when it comes to content inside your ride share. Big potential to change the game and make all involved happy. Keep a close eye for what’s to come.
    Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
  • Vugo’s in-vehicle screens are playing an important role in growing the rideshare economy by creating highly desired advertising and gratuity revenue streams for drivers
    President, CEO DPAA
  • Advertising as a whole is undergoing a shift. The billions of dollars spent on television are moving away as the audiences shifts and looking for a home. However advertisers know commercials, or video ads, work to gain consumer attention and are seeking new locations to reach consumers with those video ads. This will be a shift of billions of dollars in the next 3-5 years and quality inventory and audiences will be big assets.
    Chairman & CEO at Magnetic
  • ...your mindset is quite different depending on the context and moment. If you book an Uber ride on Friday evening, ads for restaurants and movies may be relevant at that moment.
    Edward W. Carter Prof. of Business (Marketing Unit) at Harvard Business School

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