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MOBILITY MEDIA® Vugo® is the fastest growing infotainment company for passenger experience in rideshares and autonomous vehicles.

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Next generation in-car entertainment & ads  


Real-time analytics including guaranteed impressions, clicks, passenger engagement.

Robust Targeting

Get your brand in front of the right audience, at the right time, and the right place.


Average trips last over 20 minutes - more than enough time for your messaging.

VUGO Rideshare Advertising

We help brands reach their audience in real life

When you are looking to engage with consumers in real life, there aren’t many better than the affluent rideshare passenger. About 75% of all vehicle based trips end at a point of sale – your brand could be influencing them before they buy.

Rideshare Passenger Demographics
  • Guaranteed Viewability. Average trip in New York City lasts over 20 minutes – more than enough time to communicate your messaging.
  • Robust Targeting. Reach the right audience at the right time and place, powered by our TripIntent Technology.
  • Affluent Audience. 75% of all vehicle based trips end at a point-of-sale, and most rideshare passengers are millennials that make at least $71k per year.
  • Quality Analytics. Real-time analytics including guaranteed impressions, clicks, passenger engagement.
  • Customized Campaigns. Complete management of campaign including videos, targeting, and landing pages.
  • TripIntent Technology®. Proprietary technology enabling robust targeting based on many factors beyond simple geofencing.

Benefits for Drivers

We help drivers of rideshare platforms like Uber and Lyft earn more money from the work they are already doing.

Build your business.

Your business is your baby, we get that. We’ll take care of it and you.

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Created by Drivers, for Drivers.

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? 


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We have overwhelming demand from drivers worldwide, despite our best efforts we can't work with all drivers. Please submitthe application below to be considered.


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When we are launching a new market or have a campaign available within your current market we will contact you for activation.


Show up for installation

If selected for a new market, a campaign or limited activation we will schedule a time for screen install and training.


Drive like you always do.

One of the best things about VUGO is that you don't need to change your driving habits, drive like you usually do for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft.


Get Paid.

At the conclusion of a campaign, period or activation you will receive payment via paypal, direct deposit or in some limited circumstances by check.

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Whether you have a question or are a driver seeking to join the movement, we’ve got you. We may be busy, but we’ll get back to you within 24 hours if you're a brand or advertiser seeking more info.

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Whether you have a quesiton or want to get started right away, we’ve got you. We may be busy, but we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Pink promise.

We just need a little info from you.

We know a thing or two.

VUGO is the OG of Rideshare Advertising. James Bellefeuille created the industry while he worked at a digital agency during the day and moonlighted as an Uber driver on nights and weekends in Chicago. That was almost 5 years ago. Since then we have run campaigns for retailers, QSR brands, automakers, mobile apps, and many more. Discover the power of targeting interactive digital media. Discover Vugo.

Analytics & Attribution

  • 100% Viewability, Zero Ad-Fraud.
  • Interactive Displays
  • Robust Targeting and Analytics.

Passenger Entertainment

  • Captive Audience for 20 minutes.
  • Engaging Entertainment
  •  Passenger Control

Commerce Attribution

  • Attribution
  • Mobile Commerce 
  • Consumers Take Action
Advertising in Uber

We don’t mean to brag.

But our client’s results speak for themselves. This is a small sample of brands seen on VUGO.

Fast Food Advertising
Retail OOH Advertising campaign
Fashion Advertising OOH Ideas
Retail Out of Home
Content Advertising Ideas
eCommerce Advertising Ideas
Food and Beverage Advertising OOH
Startup Advertising

About Us

Vugo is rideshare advertising and entertainment. We have won multiple awards since founding the company in 2015. Vugo has led the effort to improve the passenger experience through media and entertainment, while working on new ways to increase take home earnings for rideshare drivers & mobility operators. We also like to defend the 1st Amendment as a hobby.

Rob Flessner CEO of VUGO

Meet Rob

Rob Flessner 


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Meet James

James came up with the concept of VUGO while moonlighting as an Uber driver in March of 2014. James is both founder and chairman of VUGO. He is an acomplished B2B marketing technologist and demand generation marketer. James is also currently the Head of Marketing at LISNR. Originally from Western Colorado James enjoys nature & spending time with family. James currently calls the San Francisco Bay Area home.

University of St. Thomas - Opus College of Business - Class of 2011

James' Linkedin
James Bellefeuille Founder of Vugo
Eugene Kurdzesau CTO VUGO

Meet Eugene

Eugene "The Machine" Kurdzesau is VUGO's CTO. He enjoys kite surfing, continuous personal improvement and tinkering at the intersection between hardware and software. From building cafe racers, electric cars and most recently smart music tech via Stomp.ai.

Metropolitan State University - Computer Science Software Engineering 

Belarusian National Technical University- Mechanical Engineering

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Meet Michael

Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder at Vugo

Union College - New York  

Michael Dillon Co-Founder VUGO

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