Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the passenger entertainment experience for those no longer driving. Similar to how Uber changed the way people take for-hire transportation, Vugo wants to change the way people consume media inside cars. 

People are becoming passengers more than ever before while ridesharing and autonomous cars change transportation.  We want to keep passengers in the driver's seat when it comes to their entertainment experience in by giving them the remote to control their entertainment choices. 

Eventually we want to make most trips free (in shared self-driving cars) through monetizing data and creating relevant and contextual in-car experiences sponsored by brands, resulting in an overall increase in trip revenue for fleet operators. 

Since 2015, Vugo has led the effort to improve the passenger experience through media and entertainment, while increasing revenue for mobility operators in rideshare and traditional transportation providers.

We are the first automotive infotainment supplier to  focus on the passenger entertainment experience which will be the largest driver of revenue in the automotive and mobility space as software and services overtake bending metal as the leading revenue driver in the automotive space. Intel estimates the passenger economy will be worth over $7 Trillion dollars, we think they might be being conservative.

Rideshare companies, automakers, fleet owners, ISPs and ad companies are encouraged to contact us about becoming a Vugo partner.


That ability to engage one-on-one with customers in physical space has added an incredibly exciting new dimension to OOH.

What We've Achieved

  • Top 10 Startups to Watch in 2018 - Startups.co
  • 2018 Won 1st Amendment Lawsuit against NYC
  • 2018 MinneInno 50 on Fire
  • 2018 NAIAS Automobili-D Techstars Mobility Exhibitor
  • 2017 NAIAS Automobili-D Techstars Mobility Exhibitor
  • 2016 Winner - MN Cup, Nation's largest statewide high tech startup competition.
  • 2016 Eureka! Award Winner for Innovation in Media
  • 2016 Minnesota Business Magazine Young Entrepreneur
  • 2015 MobDemo Finalist - MobCon.