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Measurable unrouted transit advertising is one of the fastest growing segments of Digital-Out-of-Home Advertising. If you're interested in learning more about our past work and pricing download our media kit today.



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We Help Brands Reach Their Audience in Real Life

Affluent Audience: 75% of all vehicle based trips end at a point-of-sale, and most rideshare passengers are millennials that make at least $71k per year.

Analytics & Targeting
  • 100% Viewability =  Zero Ad-Fraud
  • Interactive Digital Displays
  • Robust Targeting & Analytics
Digital & Interactive
  • Captive Audience for 20 minutes.
  • ​Engaging Premium Entertainment.
  • ​Interactive Screen for Transactions
Commerce Attribution
  • ​Attribution
  • ​Mobile Commerce via in-vehicle buying
  • ​Purchases at Point of Sale

As Seen In

We don’t mean to brag.

But our client’s results speak for themselves. Below are a handful of select brands seen on VUGO.

What Are Experts in DOOH Saying About Us?

Damian Gutierrez says:

"That ability to engage one-on-one with customers in physical space has added an incredibly exciting new dimension to OOH." 

- Damian Gutierrez, Associate Partner at Control Group

Sean Cullen says:

"Having a captive, confined audience really also opens up a lot of possibilities for in-car video... by using location and user data."

- Sean Cullen, EVP Fluent

Barry Frey says:

"Vugo’s in-vehicle screens are playing an important role in growing the rideshare economy by creating highly desired advertising and gratuity revenue streams for drivers.” 
 - Barry Frey, president & CEO, DPAA."
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