Earn Additional Revenue from Each Ride

Vugo Driver Benefits

Become a Vugo Gearbox Member, and Get a Free Tablet!

1 Earn additional revenue from work you’re already doing.

2 Accept tips electronically that are quickly deposited into your PayPal account.

3 Entertain your passengers with relevant media and contextual ads.

3 Maximize your take home income with Vugo Rideshare Advertising.

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Step 1: Create your driver profile

Step 2: Download Vugo Apps onto devices

Step 3: Collect your earnings

Login on your tablet admin profile and view the earnings. Withdraw the funds onto your bank account once the ammount hits at least $10. Review our detailed Documentation for details.

Kyle P is an UberX Driver in 
Minneapolis, MN

“Vugo is awesome! With just a few extra taps on my smartphone, I'm easily increasing my earning potential.
Running Ads on a tablet also make me feel more professional as a small business owner. Now booking UberX rides in Minneapolis”

Harry Campbell

“I think Vugo could be a game-changer for drivers. For what seems like years now, drivers have been clamoring for a tip function and on the hunt for ways to increase their income outside of Uber. Vugo helps them do both with their new tipping feature, and their advertiser platform should earn drivers a sizable extra revenue from the ads displayed on their tablet.”

Get Started with Vugo
Getting started with Vugo is easy, but first, you’ll need to make sure you have the right equipment - a tablet with the Vugo app downloaded.
Similar to how ridesharing helps you make money with your car, Vugo helps you make money using your tablet device.
Vugo Enabled Devices
We estimate that the average full-time driver in North America will be able to earn up to $300 more per month.
Find lots of other answers on Vugo FAQ section, or simply shoot us an email at