For Fleets

Vugo is the only passenger infotainment company built to help your fleet maximize its earning potential with in-vehicle media and entertainment. Our proprietary technology will help your fleet earn additional revenue, while engaging your passengers with a premium experience.

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Earn more revenue

Vugo can help your fleet maximize its earning potential with ads and premium in-vehicle experiences.

Improve driver retention

Increasing revenue for your drivers improves their ability to stay with your fleet longer.

Amazing passenger experiences

Engage your passengers with premium content and entertainment.


    new york city

    Vugo is onboarding fleets in New York City today - contact us for more information. Vugo is currently the only rideshare infotainment company in the world with injunctive relief against TLC ordinances preventing in-vehicle media in rideshares. Click here to learn more. Partner with us today to maximize the revenue potential of your fleet.

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    • New York City
    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco
    • Las Vegas


    • Riyadh



    Manage drivers in your fleet including tracking earnings and activity - and provide incentives to your drivers for participation.

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    Fleet Management

    Track status and health of each device in your fleet in order to deliver a premium experience for your passengers.

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    Vugo runs on state of the art equipment. We have world-class partners to source data plans, tablets, and equipment - including the only equipment approved by the Taxi & Limousine Commission in New York City.

    Are you a driver?

    Vugo only works directly with fleets - please contact your fleet and encourage them to work with us so you can benefit as a Vugo partner. In the mean time, please fill out our contact form and we will notify you when Vugo is available in your area.