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ATTN: Small Business Owners!

For a Limited Time Only in The Tampa Bay Area.

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If your small business has been disrupted by COVID-19 and/or the Quarantine. 

Apply today as this is a limited offer and not all applicants will be accepted into our free program.
Rideshare Drivers Make Up to $100/MO
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If you're a rideshare driver, you have just discovered an easy and proven way to make money by becoming a VUGO partner. 

Not only are we offering a free tablet for a limited time, we also offer a 30-day no-hassle guarantee that rideshare advertising income will add a healthy margin to your bottom line.

Our goal is to increase driver happiness. Join Us.

Why Drivers Choose VUGO

Happy Riders
Better Ratings
Easy to Use
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VUGO is the #1 Rideshare Advertising Company

As ranked by TheRideshareGuy.com, a leading rideshare driver publication in 2019 for "In-Car Entertainment aka Tablet Category" for the "Best Rideshare Advertising Companies To Make More Money".
The Four Steps to Increase Your Monthly Income with Rideshare Advertising from VUGO.

1. Apply Online

Due to overwhelming demand from drivers worldwide we ask drivers to apply online. Once they have completed their application we will notify drivers if they are accepted into the VUGO driver program. 

2. Choose Tablet Mount

Driver's must choose their tablet mounting solution. We offer multiple tablet mounts for drivers, allowing drivers to choose light weight and mobile mounts to heavy duty mounts depending on their preference.

3. Add CC Info

To receive a free tablet device we ask drivers for their credit card or debit card information as a deposit for the tablet.

4. Refer Your Friends & Make Money

Drivers who successfully meet the terms and conditions of the program will be paid $100/mo on the first of each month via VENMO. We also offer drivers a $50 referral fee for referring new drivers. 
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