Vugo, Inc. Wins Lawsuit allowing Rideshare Advertising in NYC

Minneapolis — Today is a big day for Vugo in New York City! In 2015, Vugo sued NYC because the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) had rules in place preventing media and advertisements from being displayed in rideshare vehicles. However, as of February 22nd, that is no longer the case. Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams ruled in favor of Vugo challenge on NYC's ban on rideshare advertising. It’s an important decision that the court made, and it’s the right one to protect citizen's rights to access information while not picking winners and losers, thus protecting freedom of speech under the First Amendment.

At Vugo, we believe taxi advertising is broken. We aren’t trying to replicate an experience that hasn’t changed in two decades and put it in your rideshare with you. That’s not what the future of in-vehicle media should be. 

Vugo envisions a future where the vehicle is an extension of your living room, where you have control of the media you watch, the games you play, and the services you consume. Yes, we have a few ways we monetize the experience, which does include ads. However, our TripIntent technology makes both entertainment and ads more enjoyable via contextualization. Imagine heading to a stadium for a big game, and on the way you watch the pregame show, and you see an ad with a special offer you could immediately use when you arrive?

It's all about delivering the most contextual experience we can for each unique trip, and giving the passenger control of the entertainment and media consumed.

  • If you’re a passenger reading this, which is literally everyone in New York, we are looking forward to interacting with you in the future. If you see us in the rideshare you are in, give your driver a high-five for being awesome, then sit back and enjoy the experience.
  • If you’re a driver reading this, we want to work with you. There are over 70,000 drivers in New York City that can now work with Vugo! We want to help you take home additional income for doing what you are already doing. If you drive as part of a fleet, please let them know you want to start using Vugo and have them Contact us here.
  • If you’re an advertiser or content producer reading this, we want to work with you too, so long as you promise not to put boring content on our platform.

Please contact us if you have a comment, question or want to become a partner. Contact us here.

Sincerely yours from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Vugonauts