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Automakers & Suppliers

Increase value with in-vehicle advertising and media entertainment built-in. Empower passenger experience with new offers, products, brands and payment tips. Join the largest in-vehicle advertising network!

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Fleet Operators

Earn income without significant additional investment. Using a provided tablet Vugo helps you make money on tips and relevant advertising. Sign-up, install and start collecting revenue.

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Advertisers & Content Owners

Distribute content through the Vugo networks to reach a wide audience. Target specific groups by using location and user data from the in-vehicle tablet device.

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Hear From Our Partners:

“Vugo is awesome! I’m easily increasing my earning potential. Running ads on a tablet makes me feel more professional as a small business owner.”

Kyle P,
UberX Driver in MN

“I think Vugo could be a game-changer for drivers. Their advertiser platform earns drivers a sizable extra revenue from the ads displayed on their tablet.”

Harry Campbell,

“Having a captive, confined audience opens up a lot of possibilities for in-car video. It’s evolving beyond what’s available today in the back of NYC taxis.”

Sean Cullen,
EVP, Fluent

“Vugo is growing the rideshare economy and creating highly desired in-vehicle revenue streams by successfully selling advertising space on its screens…”

Barry Frey,

“Vugo’s ability to engage and promote to passengers within one-on-one physical space has added an incredibly exciting new dimension to OOH.”

Damian Gutierrez,
Partner, Control Group