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In-car entertainment startup takes a backseat ride to success

Vugo, an advertising platform launched in 2015 to geotarget consumers via a tablet installed in the back of a ridehailing car, has grand plans. As the vehicle fleet goes autonomous, Vugo expects to dominate its competition by doing what it already does: calibrating content to passengers. The Minnesota-based startup, piloted in ridehail-dense Los Angeles, may leave the big car manufacturers to grapple over driver-oriented features rather than the entertaining of passengers.

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Future of Cabs – How tech, new business models could change cab industry, make short rides free

James Bellefeuille, Founder of Vugo, believes that short-distance cab rides could in fact become free for end consumers in the near future. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Vugo is a cloud-based B2B mobility media platform that provides an in-cab content-play experience to passengers of rideshare platforms like Uber and Lyft in the US.

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Will Ride-Hail Be Free By 2021? The Startup Ad Platform Vugo Says Yes

The company is betting that passengers will soon travel in autonomous vehicles for free as long as they don’t mind watching ads—including political ones.

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Illinois Policy Institute Vugo


Vugo is the type of technology startup political leaders often herald as the future of Chicago. But taxi protectionism has forced it to leave town.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel brands his city as “the digital mecca of the Midwest.” But what happens when politicians tilt the playing field toward entrenched interests?

Enter Vugo, a promising Midwest tech startup now suing the city for banning its business.

Starting up

James Bellefeuille used to moonlight for Uber, spending his nights and weekends ferrying Chicagoans around the city. His day job was in marketing. In 2014, he started thinking about how to combine the two.

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Cook County Record Vugo

Company that sells advertising to Uber, Lyft passengers sues Chicago, says tilted city rules favor taxis

A Minneapolis-based tech firm which provides interactive video advertising to be displayed in Uber and Lyft vehicles has sued the city of Chicago, saying the city’s rules forbidding the ride-hailing services from displaying advertising on or in their vehicles, while allowing traditional taxis to do so, unconstitutionally favors the taxis at the expense of the other drivers.

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Chicago Tribune Vugo

City sued for banning ads in ride-share vehicles

A Minneapolis technology company has sued the city of Chicago for banning advertising inside the private cars used by Uber, Lyft and other ride-share company drivers.

Vugo, founded in 2015 and looking to expand its digital advertising business to ride-sharing vehicles here, filed a federal lawsuit Thursday in Chicago, saying that the city’s ban on ads in and out of ride-share operators’ vehicles violates the company’s constitutional rights to free speech and equal protection. By contrast, ads are allowed in and on taxis.

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Chicago Inno

A Startup Is Suing Chicago to Let Uber Drivers Show Ads in Their Vehicles

A startup that allows ridesharing drivers to earn additional income through advertising inside their vehicles is suing the City of Chicago for its ordinance that prohibits ads inside Uber, Lyft and other rideshare cars.

Vugo, a two-year-old startup founded by former Chicago resident James Bellefeuille, is suing the city along with the Liberty Justice Center.

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Minnesota Business Logo

The Latest from Two 2016 MN Cup Winners We check in with startups Vugo & Asiya

Vugo Invited to Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

Automobili-D Program MN Cup’s 2016 High Tech Division winner, Vugo, was nominated as one of 50 startups to participate in the Automobili-D program.

Vugo provides rideshare advertising for everyone. There are more than 500,000 rideshare drivers in the United States alone. Vugo is the first and largest ad network to provide this service — it can change buying decisions right before purchases by crafting personalized messages to passengers.

Startups for the program were curated by Techstars Mobility and allowed Vugo to stand shoulder to shoulder with automakers and suppliers at the North American International Auto Show — the largest auto show in the world.

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Detroit Auto Show Vugo

Vugo selected by Techstars Mobility to exhibit Free Mobility at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

The Vugonauts were invited to exhibit at the Detroit Auto Show by Techstars Mobility. We will be participating in the new Automobili-D program which is in it’s inaugural year at NAIAS. With the quality of the companies curated by Techstars we think that OEMs and tier 1 automotive suppliers have already seen the value of the event.

If you’re in Detroit and attending the auto show stop by our booth in Hall E in Cobo Center.

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Chicago Inno Minneapolis

St. Thomas’ New National Student Startup Competition Has a $100K Top Prize University of St. Thomas’ E-Fest builds on a growing ecosystem of founders, investors and entrepreneurs coming out of the school.

St. Thomas networks also help startups well after graduation. James Bellefeuille, a 2011 St. Thomas grad, cofounded Vugo, a company that provides an advertising platform for ridesharing services (previously based in Chicago) and the 2016 High Tech winner of statewide pitch competition MN Cup, with another St. Thomas grad, Rob Flessner. Bellefeuille said he created most of his business networks from his time at St. Thomas, including potential investors.

“St. Thomas develops founders with a community mindset,” he said. “We are attempting to return value not only to shareholders, but to all stakeholders including investors, employees, and the community at large.”

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Minnesota Cup Announces 2016 Winners

  • VUGO
  • High Technology division winner
  • Based in Minneapolis
  • The company’s on-demand advertising platform takes aim at the rideshare industry, allowing companies to target ads to the passengers of Uber and Lyft drivers
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How Lyft, Uber Drivers Can Make Money With Vugo & The Rideshare Guy

“People are becoming passengers now more than they ever have before,” Bellefeuille said in an August phone interview from his Downtown LA co-working space, on why he sees a strong future for his company.

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Chicago Inno Approved: The Startup Events You Need to Know This Week

Mobile on Tap is hosting a meetup on the connected car-passenger entertainment of the future. Featuring a talk from Rob Flessner, the CEO of ridesharing advertising startup Vugo, the event will examine how Vugo is reshaping the ridesharing economy by delivering real-time, contextually targeted ads to riders through in-car tablets. More info here.

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Minnesota Entrepreneurs Advance to the Finalist Round of MN Cup

MHTA — MN Cup announced last week that 25 teams of Minnesota based entrepreneurs have advanced into the finalist round of the 2016 competition. These finalists were selected from 80 semifinalists across eight divisions, out of a pool of nearly 1500 original participants.

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Minnesota Entrepreneurs Advance to the Finalist Round of MN Cup

MHTA — MN Cup announced last week that 25 teams of Minnesota based entrepreneurs have advanced into the finalist round of the 2016 competition. These finalists were selected from 80 semifinalists across eight divisions, out of a pool of nearly 1500 original participants.

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Minnesota Entrepreneurs Advance to the Finalist Round of MN Cup

The companies span eight different divisions and emerged from a pool of over 1,500 applicants. All but two of the finalists are from the Twin Cities metro area.

Finalists were selected based on their business plans, presentations given by the entrepreneurs and videos that they produced. Judges assess these using criteria that includes the value proposition of the idea, its commercial viability and the progress that the entrepreneur is making in bringing it to market.

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Minnesota Cup names 25 division finalists

The Minnesota Cup entrepreneurship competition named 25 division finalists Monday.

The Minnesota Cup recognizes companies with less than $1 million in revenue for their “breakthrough business ideas.” The contest will award more than $400,000, including $25,000 to the the top woman-led startup.

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Minnesota Cup Announces The 2016 High Tech Division Finalists

The Minnesota Cup has moved one step closer to awarding a share of their $402k grand prize.

At a High Tech Division reception held tonight in the offices of Lurie, LLP, the competing tech startups and their mentors gathered along with fellow tech enthusiasts to learn which semifinalists the judges would be advancing to the finals.

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Minnesota Entrepreneurs Advance to the Finalist Round of MN Cup

MN Cup is thrilled to announce that 26 teams of Minnesota based entrepreneurs have advanced into the finalist round of the 2016 competition. These finalists were selected from 80 semifinalists across eight divisions, out of a pool of nearly 1500 original participants. The MN Cup division review boards selected the following winners:

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Meet the 2016 Young Entrepreneurs

We are proud to present the second annual group of Young Entrepreneurs, people 35 and under who have founded or cofounded a business. It is tempting to refer to these young people as emerging leaders, but the fact is that some of them have already become clear-cut leaders in their own right. Consider this a mere introduction, for we expect to be seeing more of them in future issues, for these are the people who are building Minnesota’s future economy.

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The Millennial Takeover: driving will never be the same

Like it or not, millennials are growing up, and as they do, they’re a growing economic driver for the economy. As they enter their formative years and start building careers, they’ll also be making major decisions about buying cars (or not), and that may have a bigger impact on the auto industry than you think.

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2016 Eureka! Award Winner Vugo

What the judges said: “It’s targeted advertising. The customization of advertising, making it relative to the passenger, goes to the benefit of the drivers, earning them more money.”

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Vugonauts – No Guts, No Glory

A few weeks ago we interviewed one of the co-founders of Vugo, CEO Rob Flessner, on our podcast (see Minnov8 Gang 363 – You Go with Vugo). We came away with a new and deeper appreciation for this intriguing startup delivering advertisement technology for ridesharing (e.g., Uber, Lyft) and you can get an instant idea of what they do by watching the short video at the bottom of this post.

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MN CUP 2016 Semi-Finalist Announcement

MN Cup is thrilled to announce that it has advanced 80 teams of Minnesota-based entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators to the second round of the 2016 competition. In its twelfth year, the MN Cup is giving away a record $402,000 in total prize money. Semifinalists will be honored at a private reception on June 15 at the Carlson School of Management. The following 80 semifinalists from eight divisions will compete for a share of the $402,000 prize money, as well as mentoring, training and support to help make their entrepreneurial ideas a reality.

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Minnesota Cup 2016 Social Media Contest – Vugo

Vugo is the passenger entertainment experience of the future. We help advertisers reach high-quality audiences en route to making purchasing decisions. We entertain passengers when they are no longer preoccupied with driving, and we help drivers of Uber/Lyft, Taxis, and more earn more money for work they are already doing.

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2016 Minnov8 Podcast – You Go With Vugo

There is no slowdown with tech stories, especially with Google I/O happening this past week, but since we care about Minnesota tech first we were pleased to have one of the co-founders and CEO of Minneapolis startup Vugo, Rob Flessner (LinkedIn; Twitter), on this week’s show. He will fill us in on this just over one year old startup and you will find out how they fit in to one of the hottest areas in transportation today. You’ll also learn why you should keep an eye on their continued growth!

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Startups In The Sky, Innovations in Transportation Panel in Downtown Los Angeles

Innovations in Transportation Panel in Downtown Los Angeles. Founder James Bellefeuille on a panel discussing innovations in transportation at Startups In The Sky on May 19th, 2016

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2016 Eureka! Innovation Award Winners Announced.

From food to fashion, from advertising to architecture, from education to health care and more, Minnesota industry has no shortage of risk-takers launching new products and services that ultimately influence how people do business.

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A sprawling network of startups pops up in Uber’s wake

While Uber to most of its users is a convenient way to get across town, the ride-hailing behemoth is more like a blank canvas to young entrepreneur James Bellefeuille. And on that canvas, right there on the tablet he wants to put within reach of every Uber passenger, are revenue-generating advertisements for bars, restaurants and even dental offices.

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55 Rideshare Industry Experts Predict The Biggest Issues of 2016

Last year, I rounded up 43 industry experts and asked them about their outlooks for rideshare in 2015.  The responses we got were pretty impressive, and that post ended up being one of our top shared posts of all 2015.  It also turned out that a lot of those predictions came true.

It’s always fun to predict the future, and for this year’s round up I managed to get 55 rideshare industry experts that range from venture capitalists, CEOs, reporters, academics, start-up founders and bloggers to even a few drivers themselves.

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12 Must Have Apps for Rideshare Drivers

Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing companies have shown how important apps are to the transportation industry. Today, we’re looking at a few other apps to help you take your rideshare business to the next level.

Here’s the video version (which we also posted to our Youtube channel) but read on if you’d like to learn more.

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Honeycomb 3.0: The Collaborative Economy Market Expansion for SXSW

The Collaborative Economy enables people to get what they need from each other. Similarly, in nature, honeycombs are resilient structures that enable access, sharing, and growth of resources among a common group. Our latest version of the Honeycomb framework, Honeycomb 3.0, shows how the Collaborative Economy market has grown to include new applications in Reputation and Data, Worker Support, Mobility Services, and the Beauty Sector.

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Vugo helps advertisers reach affluent consumers via screens in rideshare cars

Vugo displays advertisements inside rideshare vehicles that use transportation network applications to discover and pick-up passengers; i.e. Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and for hire transportation providers. The company partners with drivers and transportation companies to display advertisements in their vehicles.

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Why this Chicago entrepreneur is road tripping to LA for the sake of his startup

A willingness to uproot one’s life for the sake of their startup is a telltale sign of a great entrepreneur.
Chicagoan James Bellefeuille is currently on a four day, cross country road trip in hopes that his startup Vugo can thrive on the West Coast.
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James Bellefeuille Presents Vugo at Technori’s 50th Anniversary

Technori’s 50th – A Celebration of Five Years of Technori – Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase

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Uber wants to integrate with all your apps

These days, an Uber button in an app can be seen as a sign of technological sophistication. For developers, integrating Uber in an app speaks volumes about the type of customer you’re trying to attract: young, educated, city-dwelling, and affluent. Now, Uber wants to make it easier than ever for developers to convey that message.

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Announcing this year’s MobDemo finalists

Is their app good enough? Five mobile innovators will find out when they take the stage at MobCon to pitch their big ideas. MobDemo, a competition held during the two-day conference, gives entrepreneurs and mobile dreamers the opportunity to present before an audience of over 400.

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From Uber Driver to Co-Founder of a Rideshare Startup Called Vugo

Rideshare drivers are very entrepreneurial by nature and on today’s podcast, I interview a driver who decided to take things one step further.  You guys might have heard of Vugo but what you may not know is that one of its co-founders actually came up with the idea while he was driving for Uber.

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NYC Sued to Allow Ads in Ride-Sharing Cars

New York City’s ban on advertisements in ride-sharing cars tramples on the First Amendment, a startup company claims in a federal lawsuit.
Vugo, based in Minneapolis, Minn., sprang into existence early this year, allowing drivers from Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing platforms to make additional money on their fares by streaming targeted ads to their captive audiences: passengers.

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Installing these ads could boost revenue for Uber drivers

Silicon Valley is not the birthplace — or destination — of every new tech startup. Vugo is one of many Minnesota startups committed to stay in the state. Commitment like this will assist in continuing to develop our local entrepreneurial culture and inspire others to start their own venture.

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Vugo joins digital place-based advertising association

Digital Signage Connection
Vugo’s TripIntent algorithm and technology allows advertisers to target ads dynamically based on the intent of a passenger’s ride while displaying interactive in-vehicle advertising immediately before passengers of Uber and Lyft cars make purchasing …

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Vugo, an in-car advertising company for rideshare vehicles, has joined the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association

Vugo, an in-car advertising company for rideshare vehicles, has joined the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association, New York.

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Life in a Start-Up is difficult and fun

Everyone who dropped by the Beta.MN 2.5 event earlier this week to meet with 15 promising start-up companies got three small tokens to distribute among jars each firm had on their table.

These were small plastic tokens about the size and weight of a cheap poker chip, gold with a dollar sign on each side. It’s generous to call them worthless. I called mine bitcoins, and I took the task of allocating my worthless bitcoins very seriously.

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The Beta.MN 2.5 Startup Interviews

Hundreds from the Minnesota tech community came out to Target Commons downtown space last night for the fourth Beta.MN ‘show and tell’ featuring homegtown tech.  We connected with some stars of the show to hear more about what their ventures are all about:

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1 Million Cups Presentation

Vugo is rideshare advertising, delivering advertisements programmatically to tablet devices mounted in rideshare vehicles (Uber/Lyft) based on the intent of a passenger’s trip. Vugo delivers more than ads, we deliver people. The business model is very similar to Google Adwords, and Vugo has even been called “Google Adwords on wheels.” We share revenue from advertisements with the driver which helps augment their earnings, and advertisers are thrilled to have a captive audience with a known intent and powerful analytics.

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Is Uber’s No Tipping Culture Under Attack?

Even though all your barista may have done is hand you a coffee, there is still that societal pressure to leave a tip and the awkwardness can be palpable.

Uber to its credit, recognized this awkwardness and removed it from the experience.  And while many Uber passengers incorrectly believe that tip is included in the price of the fare, Uber hasn’t exactly gone out of its way to correct them.

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Vugo founder missed on Minnesota Cup but found solace in attention over new wrinkle

James Bellefeuille, a 2011 graduate of the University of St. Thomas, was a disappointed young entrepreneur to learn a few days ago that his Vugo, a ride-share vehicle-advertising network, didn’t make the cut for September’s finals of the Minnesota Cup competition.

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Uber drivers can now accept tips electronically, without Uber’s help

For Uber drivers, this Vugo feature could be a welcome change. Passengers on the service frequently believe that tips are included in the fare, but they’re not. Uber’s service, which connects passengers with drivers via a smartphone app, is completely cashless. The company touts itself as being hassle-free and hyper-convenient and says one of the hallmarks of such convenience is letting customers have tip-free rides.

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Uber Drivers Now Have A Tipping Option With Vugo!

A few weeks ago I got an interesting e-mail from the company Vugo.  For those who don’t know, Vugo (formerly known as Viewswagen) is a new rideshare start-up that is looking to put geo-targeted video ads in the back of Uber cars.  Just imagine how valuable it would be for a company like Budweiser to show your 20 something passenger a beer ad right before dropping them off at a bar.  That’s exactly what Vugo is trying to do.

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Uber Drivers Can Now Accept Tips Electronically, But Without Uber’s Help

Vugo launched a new feature on Friday that lets Uber passengers leave drivers a tip with the tap of a button. More than 3,000 Uber drivers use Vugo by displaying its app on a tablet mounted in the backseat of their car. And now — besides ads, news and weather — passengers will also see a “tip your driver” button on the lower left corner of the Vugo app.

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Uber drivers can now accept tips electronically, without Uber’s help

One of Uber drivers’ biggest beefs with the ride-hailing company is that they can’t get tips from customers through its app. Vugo, an in-car advertising company, may have a fix.

Vugo launched a new feature on Friday that lets Uber passengers leave drivers a tip with the tap of a button. More than 3,000 Uber drivers use Vugo by displaying its app on a tablet mounted in the backseat of their car. And now — besides ads, news and weather — passengers will also see a “tip your driver” button on the lower left corner of the Vugo app.

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The Young Entrepreneurs

The generation that grew up on computers, video games and smart phones is busy at work creating the next wave of startups and new business endeavors of all sorts. The historical milestones of their young lives include 9/11, the War on Terror and the financial collapse of 2008. Nevertheless, they enter the world of free enterprise with a mix of fearlessness, idealism and togetherness. But generalizations invariably obscure their great variety, and so we set out to answer the age-old question: Who are these guys?

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2015 MN Cup Competition Semifinalists Announced

The MN Cup announced today that it has advanced 70 teams of Minnesota-based entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators to the second round of the 2015 competition. In its eleventh year, the MN Cup is giving away a record $327,000 in prizes.

The following 70 semifinalists across the seven divisions will compete for a share of the $327,000, as well as resources and training to make their entrepreneurial visions a reality:

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Zone Wars: How My Startup’s First Lawsuit Was The Best Thing That Could Have Happened To It

As any seasoned entrepreneur knows, you haven’t really been successful until you’ve been sued.

Back in 2005 when I launched my startup, The Zone Diet was one of the most popular diets in the world. Its creator, Dr. Barry Sears, was the author of many best selling books and his 40/30/30 formula was helping millions of people live a healthier life. Several diet delivery companies used the word “zone” in their names (Zone Chefs, Zone Manhattan, Zone Seattle, In The Zone Delivery, and others) despite the fact that Dr. Sears or the Zone Diet was not affiliated with any of them. I assumed using the word “zone” in my company’s name would not be an issue, so I called my business Zone At Home.

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Rideshare advertising startup Viewswagen raises funding, changes name

Tech startup Viewswagen, which developed a system that lets rideshare-service drivers display video advertisements in their vehicles, has closed on a round of angel investment.

The company pulled in about $250,000 that will go toward ramping up marketing to advertisers and recruiting drivers, said co-founder James Bellefeuille. The business will also this week change its name to Vugo.

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Angels Drive $250k Into Mobile Adtech Startup Viewswagen

On Monday they were selected as one of ten Minnesota Cup semifinalists and today announce $250k in seed funding.

Co founder & CSO James Bellefeuille says the money comes from a group of angel investors including: David Schottenstein (founder of Viewabill and Astor & Black), Zalmi Duchman (founder of The Fresh Diet) and Ben Nash (founder of PCS Wireless). He’ll use the funds to expand the advertising network for retailers, mobile commerce and CPG brands as part of Viewswagon’s ‘TripIntent’ technology.

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This new startup promises Uber and Lyft drivers even more money

Uber drivers in LA are about to start making a lot more money.
Minneapolis-based Viewswagen launched last week, allowing ridesharing drivers to increase their hourly rate by about $3 or 25 percent on average with their in-car advertising model.
“This has been happening for years in taxis,” founder James Bellefeuille said. “Advertising in Ubers is the next natural step for ridesharing services.”
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Six Tommie Businesses Advance in Minnesota Cup

The High Tech division has a Tommie startup looking to impact rideshare drivers:

Vugo is led by a team of Tommies: James Bellefeuille ’11 and Rob Flessner ’10 M.B.A. The rideshare advertising company aims to place meaningful advertisements in vehicles, while earning drivers more money.

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Startups aim to put video ads in ride-sharing cars

Anybody who has plopped down in the back of a taxicab has probably found their gaze drawn to the TV screen bolted to the seat backs, playing an endless loop of news snippets, late-night monologues, and local commercials.

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Uber says it will ‘discourage’ its drivers from earning extra cash by placing ads in their cars

Uber has moved to “discourage” drivers from earning extra income by placing ads inside their cars.

The move comes after an unofficial in-car advertising service for rideshare and on-demand drivers launched in the US earlier this month. Viewswagen asks drivers to download two apps which sync together: One of their smartphones, and another for a tablet, which can be positioned in the back of their car for passengers to view and play with.

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Viewswagen Lets You Advertise with Uber

Viewswagen is a system for delivering ads to Uber passengers based on their “trip intent”: origin, destination, and other information Viewswagen is able to pull from Google and other sources. It does not get any actual information about the passenger; Viewswagen gets the origin from the location of the car at pickup. The driver enters the destination into the app, and the algorithm makes some smart guesses about the passenger’s “trip intent.”

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Uber Discourages Drivers From Displaying In-Car Advertisements

Bellefeuille said he will be watching closely but feels better about signing drivers up for Viewswagen. “We’re empowering drivers to make a little more money doing what they already do,” he said. “Now I can tell drivers they can do it without getting deactivated. But we’ll see what happens.”

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L’Actu tech de la Silicon Valley : la pub débarque dans les voitures d’Uber

Chaque semaine, les innovations de la Silicon Valley sont décryptées par Nathalie Doré, CEO de l’antenne nord-américaine de L’Atelier BNP Paribas, basée à San Francisco, aidée de Eliane Hong et Arthur de Villemandy.
En savoir plus sur—la-pub-debarque-dans-les-voitures-d-uber.htm#QhcF5cykmlZCLygE.99

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UberPop: Umstellung auf Mitfahrtarif

Es war die bislang folgenschwerste Niederlage für Uber im Streit mit dem Verbund Taxi Deutschland: Mitte März verbot das Landgericht Frankfurt den Fahrdienst Uber Pop deutschlandweit. Dem Urteil nach darf das Unternehmen keine Fahrten anbieten, bei denen die Fahrer nicht im Besitz einer behördlichen Genehmigung sind. Damit drohte Uber in ganz Deutschland das Aus.

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Viewswagen: Consumers Can’t Escape Digital Ads, Even in Uber, Lyft Rides

As the ride-for-hire phenomenon continues to spread, it was only a matter of time before advertising opportunities would find their way into Uber and Lyft vehicles, via tablet computers visible to backseat passengers.

Viewswagen, an in-car advertising company, hopes to drive that market as the unofficial in-car ad provider for on-demand Uber and Lyft entrepreneurs. Passengers could start seeing digitally displayed ads as soon as next month in the U.S.

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Viewswagen: Zusatzverdienst für Uber-Fahrer

Bis zu drei US-Dollar mehr pro Stunde sollen Uber-Fahrer verdienen, wenn sie ihre Fahrgäste mit Werbung im Auto bespielen, verspricht Viewswagen. Der Haken: Uber hat dem Deal noch nicht zugestimmt.

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Uber Ads Coming Soon

В такси Uber появится реклама. Продвигает систему сторонняя компания, но в итоге выгоду могут получить все стороны. Водители получат дополнительный доход, что должно повысить интерес к сервису. Вполне возможно, что и российские клиенты Uber вскоре познакомятся с нововведениями.

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Advertising in Uber’s coming soon

В такси Uber появится реклама. Продвигает систему сторонняя компания, но в итоге выгоду могут получить все стороны. Водители получат дополнительный доход, что должно повысить интерес к сервису. Вполне возможно, что и российские клиенты Uber вскоре познакомятся с нововведениями.

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Uber Drivers Could Rake In $6,000 By Allowing Ads

Viewswagen, an advertising platform that shows ads inside rideshare vehicle, which itself is a service launched for the customers looking for carpooling on short notice, has announced to work closely with Uber’s cab drivers. The agreement for advertising in rideshare vehicles, will allow drivers to earn approximately $6,000 per year, if they choose to opt for the service.

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Uber drivers might soon earn $6,000 more per year — if they allow ads in their cars

Uber and Lyft drivers who are looking to boost annual incomes without working more hours may soon find a way with Viewswagen, an in-car advertising company.

Viewswagen is an unofficial in-car advertising service for on-demand drivers that’s launching in the US next month. The company asks rideshare drivers to download two apps which will sync together: One for their smartphones, and another for their tablets which can be positioned in the back of the car for passengers to view and play with.

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Vugo Spanish

La startup que quiere implantar publicidad interactiva en los coches Uber

La startup Vugo ha encontrado el modelo de negocio perfecto para este tipo de compañías. Su creador James Bellefeuille opta por instalar tabletas en los coches que hagan este tipo de viajes, algo parecido a lo que ya existe en los taxis de ciudades como Nueva York y Chicago. En sus pantallas aparecerán multitud de anuncios que la gente podrá ver e interactuar con ellos.

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Vugo Location Insider


Das US-Startup will standortbasierte Tablet-Werbung bei Fahrdiensten wie Uber, Lyft und Sidecar einführen. Das Startup testet den neuen Werbedienst derzeit in seiner Heimatstadt Minneapolis im US-Bundesstaat Minnesota.

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Video Ads in Uber

Video Ads Next Big Thing in Ridesharing?

James Bellefeuille is an Uber driver for a living, though he admits that what he earns is not much to live on.

Yet in the new sharing economy, there’s hope for people like Bellefeuille who can bring some innovation and entrepreneurialism to the marketplace.

Bellefeuille this week is launching a video advertising service aimed at enabling ridesharing drivers to make money off display ads streamed on a tablet device hung over the back of the headrest for rear seat passengers to watch.

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rideshare advertising

This Startup Plans to Sell Advertising in Uber and Lyft Cars

As ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft gain national traction, many have speculated about how brands will tap into the transportation companies’ advertising potential. Already, marketers like Starwood Hotels and Chobani have run experiential promos with the mobile players, but James Bellefeuille thinks he has found a more effective business model. Bellefeuille’s startup, Vugo, is gearing up for a national launch on May 1, when it will begin reaching out to Lyft, Uber and Sidecar drivers to install tablets in their cars.

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Vugo rideshare advertising

Vugo Puts Ads in Uber, Lyft Cars

Interactive digital video advertising is well established in taxis. Now, it’s coming to popular on-demand ride-sharing services, including Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and Flywheel, courtesy of a new company called Vugo, set to launch nationally on May 1.

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Why a Rideshare Startup Was Forced to Leave Chicago

Chicago is a city bustling with innovation where a new startup is born every day. And while technology in Illinois continues to grow, plenty of startups leave the state as Illinois sends some of the largest quantities of tech talent to Silicon Valley.

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Video Ads Are Coming To The Back Of Your Uber

Vugo, a Minnesota based start-up, is a few weeks away from launching the first ever national rideshare display ad network.  Their co-founder, James Bellefeuille says, “Vugo Rideshare Advertising displays ads in real time, based on a passenger’s trip intent. Viewswagen Trip Intent is determined by analyzing environmental signals to display ads relevant to the passenger’s trip, which in turn increases the likelihood that they will find them valuable and thus less likely to be view the advertisements as intrusive, or spammy.”

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"Having a captive, confined audience also opens up a lot of possibilities for in-car video," he said. "It's possible to evolve the idea of video advertising beyond what's available today in the back of NYC taxis by using location and user data."



"Vugo's in-vehicle screens are playing an important role in growing the rideshare economy by creating highly desired advertising and gratuity revenue streams for drivers. Critical to these revenue-generating initiatives is Vugo's ability to sell advertising on its screens..."



"That ability to engage one-on-one with customers in physical space has added an incredibly exciting new dimension to OOH."

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