Rideshare Drivers, Start Accepting Tips

Income and tipping have been sources of great conversation in the rideshare community as of late, and for good reason. Uber continues to lower its costs, whichpushes drivers to workmore for less money.

As a driver, you know that there is no guarantee to how much you will make on any given day.This is only compounded by the fact that thepromotedincomes offered by Uber are misleadingat best.And you know there’s nothing you can do right now to get Uber to change its ways.

But there is something you can do to supplement your income.Startaccepting tips.

The Great Tip Debate

Some rideshare companies believe there is no need to tip.The rationale? Drivers are paid at arate that is higher than minimum wage, so the necessity for tipping doesn’t exist.

And,according to at least one Uber employee, tipping makes riders uncomfortable.Moreover, rideshare driving is not like a cab service, where tipping is expected.

These arguments seem to miss the fact that driving for a ridesharing company is providing a service. And individuals in the service industry, regardless of company, receive tips when they do a good job. This is true for servers, bartenders,baristasand more. Patrons pay for the service or product, such as a meal or a drink. And, if they received good or great service, patrons will add a tip to show their appreciation.

Rideshare driving should be no different. Drivers, you are offering a service! And if you do it well, a tip should be welcomed and appreciated.

How to Start Accepting Tips

Stop driving for Uber.Why?Uberblatantly states that there is “no need to tip.” Most Uberridersknow this, and won’t even mention tipping when riding with you.Nothing will change here until Uber changes its policy.

Switch to Lyft.If you live and drive a major city, it is likely that Uber isn’t your only rideshare company to drive for. Switch to one such as Lyft.Lyftmakes it easy for riders to tip—the tipping feature is built right in to the pay screen.

Try Vugo.If Lyft isn’t available in your city, or you want to keep your options open by driving for more than one company, look to Vugo. All you have to do isdownload our appto both your smartphone and your tablet. From there, just mount your tablet in your car to start accepting tips and displaying ads.Added bonus—you also get 60% of the revenue from ad impressions, which nicely supplements your per-hour wage.

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