Ridesharing in Las Vegas means big bucks for Drivers that partner with Vugo

On Monday September 14th, the State of Nevada gave Uber and Lyft the green light to start operating again. This comes after a months-long battlethat first started last November, when a judge halted ridesharing operations. But Monday’s approval led the way forTuesday’s first ridesfor both ridesharing companies.

RidersAre Ready

Vegas is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country. Just last year, more than 41 million tourists visited Sin City. That’s an average of 3.5 million visitors each month, or nearly 800,000 each week. And with a weak transportation system in the city, ridesharing offers these visitors an easier way to get around.This is of particular importance due to the fact that 88% of visitors aren’t renting cars.

Visitors aren’t the only ones ready for ride-hailing, either. Locals—who tend to shy away from Vegas cabbies—have also expressed their interest using UberX and Lyft.

Clark County Isn’t

While the rider population may be excited about the options that ridesharing provides,Clark County is not pleasedthat Lyft and Uber have already started to operate. Clark County officials are still working on creating county-issued business licenses specifically for the ridesharing industry. Those officials wanted Lyft and Uber to hold off on accepting riders until those licenses were ready. Neither company did so.

Vugo + Vegas = A Match Made in Heaven for Rideshare Drivers

Many visitors to Las Vegas may have some ideas of what they want to see while they’re there—but may also be looking for recommendations on what to see and what to do next. Enter Vugo—a platform that offers targeted ads based on where riders are going.

Additionally, Vugo offers the ability for riders to tip—something the Uber app does not do. And everyone going to Vegas is there for a good time.So if youdo right by them, they’ll do right by you. Why not make sure they have the opportunity to do so? Justdownload the appto get started!

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