Passenger Entertainment & Advertising Solutions

As people become passengers more than ever before with the rise of ridesharing and autonomous vehicles the passenger experience is changing. Vugo is the leading passenger focused infotainment software company.


Rideshare Advertising & Entertainment

Vugo supplies branded and white labeled rideshare advertising and media solutions to mobility fleet operators, ridesharing companies and their drivers to add incremental income to the bottom line. Learn more by contacting us for more information.


Self-Driving Car Infotainment Solutions

With the cost of for-hire transportation plummeting in the face of price competition automakers and tier-x suppliers entering the competitive rideshare & autonomous taxi space need to add incremental income to their bottom line. Become a partner.



Turning the for-hire vehicle into a luxury show room for brands to display their goods and services with the help of trained sales people. We are seeking brands interested in our pilot, contact us via our online form to apply to have your brand considered.