Summer Of Success – 5% Advertiser Referral Program

#SummerofSuccess – $50 for each new advertiser referred.

Last month’s Month of May, Month of Pay; driver referral program was a HUGE success. We had over hundreds new drivers referred by some really busy ad partners (We know who you are, expect an email detailing your referrals ASAP). Sadly, it has come to an end. Because we know that rideshare drivers love to hustle, instead of offering a lame cash for driver referrals option. We decided to do something a little different.

We believe our ad partners (drivers) are the best advocates for rideshare advertising via Vugo (Previously known as Viewswagen). We ask that you talk to your passengers about us, introduce them to rideshare advertising.  The Summer of Success Advertiser Referral program is just for drivers. How much you can make is limitless.

If you discuss rideshare advertising with one of your passengers, and that passenger uses your code to start a campaign advertising in rideshare vehicles, you will receive $50, and the advertiser will save $50 on their first campaign.


We are no longer giving out rewards for the driver referrals at this time, but new drivers can expect to receive their custom referral codes immediately through the application. The Summer of Success program for recruiting advertisers will not last forever and it may be the only time you will be able to earn receive a commission from selling advertising services to your passengers. So take full advantage of this proven, limited time opportunity!

Advertisers can go to start their campaigns, we will close the promotional referral program at 11:59 CST on August 31st, 2015.  Refer as many passengers and advertisers as possible until then to make the Summer a Success!



  1. Download the application via the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Sign up and get a brand new referral code. (Month of May, Month of Pay participants will get an email detailing their offer)
  3. Talk to passengers and others about the effectiveness of rideshare advertising via Vugo.
  4. Share your code with interested passengers and others.
  5. We will pay you $50 for any advertisers that sign up using your referral code. That have not signed up before.
  6. The more advertisers you refer, the more money you make!
  7. The referred advertiser gets a $50 credit in their account.


    1. Vugo reserves the right to suspend your account and/or revoke any referral at any time we feel they were earned inappropriately.
    2. Vugo reserves the right to verify and adjudge the validity of the sign-ups generated via the above referrals.
    3. The additional $50 payment for the referred advertiser will be only one time, there will be no residuals for future campaigns.
    4. All potential Advertisers must be referred by 11:59 PM on August 31st to be counted as a submitted referral for the Summer of Success Program.

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