Vugo is a multiple award-winning infotainment company for rideshare and autonomous vehicles, powering the future passenger experience. Since 2015, Vugo has led the effort to improve the passenger experience through media and entertainment, while increasing revenue for mobility operators in rideshare and traditional transportation providers.



Vugo’s mission is to improve the passenger entertainment experience for those no longer driving. Ridesharing and autonomous vehicles are changing transportation, turning drivers into passengers more than ever before. We want to make the car an extension of your living room – where you can watch what you want, when you want.

The average person spends almost a year of their life traveling in a car. Over an hour daily is spent sitting in traffic, disconnected from the world around them. We want this time to be more enjoyable for everyone. Help us improve the passenger entertainment experience with software solutions designed with empowering the passenger experience in mind.

Vugo is the first passenger focused infotainment company. The passenger experience is becoming the largest driver of revenue in the mobility space, and one of the only true service differentiators for automakers and transportation network companies like Uber, Lyft and others. Intel estimates the passenger economy will be worth over $7 Trillion dollars, we think rideshare companies, fleet operators, automakers, brands, and media/advertising companies stand to benefit considerably from people getting more time back into their day to watch entertainment.


Our Team


Robert Flessner, CEO - Minneapolis, MN 



James Bellefeuille, COO - San francisco, ca


Eugene Kurdzesau.jpg

Eugene Kurdzesau, CTO - Minneapolis, MN



Michael Dillon, CRO - Minneapolis, MN