Time Magazine Names “Ad Dollars for Uber Drivers” One of the Best Inventions of 2019

By James Bellefeuille

Rideshare Advertising Top 100 Inventions of 2019

Recently, Time Magazine released its comprehensive list of 100 of the best inventions of 2019. Making the list of transportation inventions is a company delivering advertising via smart screens on rideshare vehicles resulting in extra ad dollars for Uber drivers.

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What is Rideshare Advertising

Rideshare advertising—originally coined by Vugo founder James Bellefeuille nearly five years ago—is a method that uses digital smart screens inside and outside ridesharing vehicles to share messages and targeted ads with both rideshare passengers and pedestrians. The method has since gained in popularity around the globe.

Worldwide, there are approximately 95 million people who use Uber each month. Approximately 36% of people within the United States have used a ridesharing app. While some companies advertise outside of the vehicle, companies such as Vugo allow brands to speak to a captive audience inside the ridesharing or autonomous vehicle during each trip.

VUGO created the Rideshare Advertising Industry in 2015


Ad dollars for Uber drivers isn’t something totally new. In fact, Vugo was the first company to create an advertising solution for rideshare vehicles in 2015. (See our team photo from Digital Signage week in NYC) 

Now, Vugo is the fastest-growing infotainment company, providing state-of-the-art passenger experiences via interactive media (video games, movies, and more).  

James Bellefeuille

About the Author

James Bellefeuille is the founder of VUGO. When he’s not talking with drivers or brands, he geeks out on board games, stoic philosophy, and challenging municipalities when they infringe on our 1st amendment rights. He calls Oakland, California home. @JLBellefeuille on Twitter.