Vugo Driver Profile: Meet Kyle

The first thing you notice about Kyle is not his catchy smile or properly coiffed hair. It’s his ability to quickly and easily make you feel comfortable. This “free-to-be-at-ease” style shines through in Kyle’s friendly banter and his calm driving skills. Kyle believes it is these qualities that have led him to earn—and maintain—such a high Uber rating. (He currently holds a spot in the top 5% of the highest-rated Uber drivers in Minneapolis.)

Delivery Driver Turned Private Ridesharing Driver

Kyle, who is just north of 30, has been driving professionally since he was 18. He’s driven for pizza restaurants in Stillwater a tourist town in Minnesota, was a well-respected DHL driver, offered valet services at a swanky restaurant downtown and even built a name for himself driving delivery for Mulberry’s, a dry cleaning service in the Twin Cities.

Kyle ran across an article for Uber. He became excited about the prospect of turning his car into a business—and in a way that turned all of his past professional experiences into an enterprise all his own. He started driving for Uber part-time, and quickly started making more money for Uber than he was making working with a print shop. So he joined Uber full-time, and hasn’t looked back since.

That Same EntrepreneurialSpirit Led Kyle to Vugo

Kyle has a knack for seeing the great potential in new opportunities. And great potential is just what he saw when he found Vugo earlier this year. So Kyle reached out to James Bellefeuille, a founder of Vugo to learn more. He wanted to get in at the ground level, to see how the start-up could help him improve his own business. And that’s just what Vugo has been doing since.

Vugo: The Potential for Increased Earnings

Kyle is quick to admit that the most exciting aspect of Vugo is its potential to increase his income.

First and foremost, Vugo has already been paying out in the form of tips. “There is this misconception that Uber tips their drivers which discourages passengers to tip,” says Kyle.With Vugo, it eliminates that confusion with passengers, so if they want to tip, they can.” even if they don’t have cash via Vugo’s tipping option using Paypal.

Moreover, Kyle is eager to see how the paid ads will startaffecting his bottom line. Now that Vugo has institutedits paid campaigns, drivers will start seeing ad income. Kyle can’t wait to get paid 60% of all advertising revenue tied to each ad that hisrideshare passengers interact with in November and beyond.

Vugo Driver Ratings – Does Rideshare Advertising affect ratings?

One of Vugo’s goals is to improve the overall driver experience. It doesn’t want to produce an opportunity that, in the end, harms drivers due to unhappycustomers. Thankfully, Kyle’s own experiences are showing that Vugo has nothing to worry about—and neither do other drivers.

Kyle’s ratings have not significantly changed since he started using Vugo, he has a solid 4.85 over hundreds of Vugo enabled trips. And many passengers have taken the opportunity to tip, because of the conversations that start over the Vugo tablet. Overall, this has been a successful venture that Kyle is eager to keep participating: “As long as my customer service remains high, I see no reason why having Vugo in my car will be anything but an added bonus for my passengers and my bottom line.”

Want to Meet Kyle? Pull Up Your Uber App!

Take a ride with Kyle—you won’t regret it. Your best chances of catching him on an Uber drive would be in the early morning. He tends to be on the road by 5 a.m. You increase your odds if you’re either traveling to or from the airport. And be sure to ask him about his recent encounter with some famous passengers.

Photo credit: Brock Kendzora

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